Mother’s Day in the Philippines

It was my second Mother’s Day. I have spent both of them abroad. On the very first occasion, we were hiking and visiting waterfalls in the northern part of Bali. Not being able to visit own mother is even sadder than me missing the celebrations of Finland winning the ice hockey World Cup. As a traveler, you are bound to miss events and social landmarks at home but the bright side is indeed very bright on that coin. This year we are spending Mother’s day in the Philippines.

Mother's Day in the Philippines

This year Meribel is limited to move due to Coronavirus curfew so we had to stay home at our lockdown villa. We organized a comfortable picnic in our garden and just enjoyed great food and the company following the local traditions for the special day. 

Meribel is showing early signs of artsiness and goes into drawing with oil pastels so she made a Mother’s Day card for me.

Our Mother’s Day picnic menu 

  • Uncomparably soft and fluffy loaf of bread and heavenly chocolate cookies from Sweet Disposition
  • Clean and delicious peanut butter made by Bunny Basket
  • Addictive corn and cassava chips from Bohol Bee farm 
  • Veggie sticks: bell pepper, cucumber, carrot, and my new personal favorite jicama, locally known as singkamas 
  • Homemade guacamole 
  • Fresh coconut water from our trees 
Mother's Day in the Philippines

Thank you Meribel and Robert organizing a Mother’s day in the Philippines!

Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions? What kind of interesting practices have you encountered around the world?

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