Museum of Islamic Art

We visited the Museum of Islamic Art during our Qatar Airways stopover in Doha. Our midday visit was not met by crowds of people. The access and departure by UBER were very easy as the car drop-off is right at the entrance and all local drivers know the route. We got into the museum without a queue and paid the entrance fee.

Museum of Islamic Art

The museum building is nicely located between the sea and a park and is a great sight in itself as a modern, respectful and in a way Arabic spirited architecture, the place consists of 4 floors with a giant atrium reaching all the way to the roof with a window to spread light across the hallways. There are spacious elevators and the whole place is accessible to strollers and wheelchairs.

The first floor has a cafe for refreshments. They did not have vegan food options but were nice enough to offer us a custom fruit plate with bananas and dates on request.

Pieces of art start from the 7th century and range from Turkey to India to Central Asia and all Arabic countries. You will see lots of patterns, calligraphy, story-telling statues, and paintings as well as functional art of doors, carpets, and vases. The display is elegant and does not overwhelm the visitor. It could not help to think that Arabic artists were ahead of their European counterparts 1000 years ago and lots of influence both ways was shared during the last millennia.

We are certainly not art aficionados or extremely cultural types and our baby girl did not have a great day being unusually cranky but the overall experience of this magnificent place is still one of the certain highlights of our Doha visit and goes into our must-visit list.

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