Our Story

family photo sea
We are forever young travel enthusiasts. Christina is a former event organizer from Finland and Robert is an IT entrepreneur and competitive freediver from Estonia. We both enjoyed experiencing different countries and cultures before meeting so naturally as a couple the love for travel intensified.

After having a baby we did not get stuck as stay-at-home parents, in fact, our adventurousness increased. Our daughter Meribel visited 12 countries during her first 12 months. More important than the numbers are the influences from all the free, open, interesting and inspiring people we have met.

Our goal is not to be full-time travelers, rather it is living life to the fullest and never risk getting stuck in the worst place – the average. With this blog, we want to share our travel stories, goals and tips and hopefully encourage the people who feel trapped in their life to make positive changes and families with young children not to get disconnected from who they want to be.

At the moment
We don’t have home base
Stranded in Panglao, Philippines
Meribel loves finding geckos

We love
Traveling places next to water
Spicy plant-based food
King size bed with 3 blankets

Important to us
Organizing events with family & friends
Good internet connection