Qatar Airways stopover in Doha

Qatar Airways offers a stopover in Doha a visa-free 1 to 4 day stay in one of their good hotels with discounted rates starting from USD 23 per night. We decided to try it out as doing long flights with a toddler can be exhausting for everyone and we had never experienced Arabic hospitality before.

Robert broke his ankles the night before the flight by running over himself with cargo stairs while moving our boxed belongings to the second-floor sea container storage in Tallinn. Using crutches and airport assistance for people with reduced mobility we got to Doha for a well-deserved rest in the 5-star hotel where we spent most of our time indoors to recover.

While Doha has family-friendly lodging options we chose a hotel in one of the higher buildings in the business district taking into account the beach life we were heading towards after our stopover. Parents are allowed to put their preferences first and it is beneficial for kids to enjoy different realities. One and a half year old Meribel was certainly entertained by running in marble hallways, calling for elevators and the extra attention from local staff who does not get to interact with toddlers daily. In any case distances in Doha are rather small and UBER drives available and cheap so location is not the most important factor when a big part of the experience is the hotel itself with its services.

Three must-do during your stopover

Despite the physical impairments, we did some sightseeing to experience as much of Doha as possible. Three must-do during your stopover in Doha include the Museum of Islamic Art, the Pearl artificial island, and the Villagio mall with its fake sky and indoor canal with gondolas. We had to shop because that is what you do when your luggage is late and you have a Revolut card with travel insurance.

We do recommend Qatar Airways stopover in Doha to anyone who has not been to Arabic countries, likes luxurious lifestyles, travels with kids, and is not very limited in their total travel time. 3 days was exactly the right time to get a good glimpse of what Doha has to offer.

Have you tried out Qatar Airways stopover in Doha? Did you liked it?


  1. Sounds like you guys had a crazy journey ! Surprised that you could sleep quite cheap in this luxorious place. Deifinitely gonna add this on my bucket list !

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