Souvenirs from the Philippines… twin pregnancy!

we are expecting twins

The reason for the silence in the blog is that I am pregnant with twins and I have had double morning sickness while working on getting back home from the Philippines. One Corona lockdown, 2 babies.

All the signs of pregnancy

On another sunny May morning, I did the pregnancy test feeling already that the results were going to be positive. I was planning to surprise Robert with the news in a fancy way. Keeping the secret for 3 long hours proved to be too much of a challenge and in the middle of talking about ordinary work matters, I just spit it out. We got excited and happy. With the first baby, the life changes are massive as you become a parent, so it is fair to say we were far less worried to add another one into the family.

underwater photoshoot

Our nanny told me that someone might be pregnant – one of the trees in the garden had rotten fruits. If an expecting woman takes a treat from a tree rest of the fruits will die and it can only be saved if the same person then pees on the roots. The Philippines has many interesting superstitious beliefs. Some of them are amusing but in the case of carrying children, they have been weirdly accurate for us. Both of my pregnancies started on the island of Bohol and both times ladies on the street have been the first ones to announce us we are expecting reading from the paleness of my skin and the bright whiteness of the eyes. Creepy skills.

Here is one, two babies

A few days before our flight home we decided to visit an ultrasound clinic to confirm that everything is ok with the baby and learn how family growth is handled on a tropical island. Almost instantly the big news was revealed and the screen clearly showed 2 fetuses. The prediction of double trouble was there as we had been kidding about twins in our “quarantine house”. I was laughing and crying for 15 min remembering all those jokes one by one until we left the hospital area.

Our friends know that we like to surprise people, always go for the extra mile, take risks, and walk away from beaten paths. I guess this was meant to be – the Universe hit us with another challenge and we love it! We are thrilled, overwhelmed, and scared in a healthy dose. Carrying twins is always a risk pregnancy and there will be 3 tiny kids in the family meaning that travelling is likely to be limited. But please do hang around our family travel blog as it will still be a journey worth following.

Sharing the news

We decided to tell our family and friends early on in the process and send them a surprise photo series. A collection of photos of our time in the Philippines was followed by pictures where we announced Meribel is going to be a big sister and we are expecting a baby in 2021. We sent the parcels to 9 locations in Estonia, Finland, and Spain. MyPrint helped with this special order. 

pregnancy announcement

Receiving regular mail is not common nowadays and it was really exciting to follow when each of the recipients got the package and heard the news. Later we had to follow up and update on key facts – the amount of babies is 2 and the due date is likely to be at the end of this year.

we are expecting twins

3 kids in less than 2.5 years. I have done my part of the #synnytystalkoot (Finnish project to increase the number of children born). For sure we are not going to visit Bohol again any time soon. Our family thanks you, dear fertility island.

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